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RE: [IP] now t1 vs t2

--- On Thu, 5/8/08, RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I once
> asked the question 
> back when I was on MDI and I had mistakenly forgotten to
> pack my 
> insulin on a day trip (ooops!)  I realized it at dinnertime
> when I 
> needed to take an injection for the meal, so all I ate was
> salad and 
> protein, trying to delay any rise in bg until we could get
> home 
> (about 3 hours away.)  At that time, I was not nearly as
> sensitive to 
> ketones as I am now, I now begin to spill moderate ketones
> when my bg 
> is over 200 (even slightly over) for more than 2 hours. 

 When you're on MDI, you take long acting insulin so you'll always have some of
that in your system. I was diagnosed at age 19, in college. I was on 2 shots a
day (NPH/R in the morning, NPH at night) and I would often decide to stay
overnight at a friend's house if we went out and it was late (didn't want to
take a long subway trip by myself at midnight). I'd miss my NPH shot at night.
Often I'd have breakfast before going home. I'm sure that a few times I went
right to work from her apartment if it was a weekday, and miss my morning
injection as well. I had no insurance, and was not testing my BG. I know it was
always high but my body was used to it. Now, if I went two hours without my pump
my BG would go high very quickly and I would most likely test positive for
ketones because there is no long acting insulin to cover me for those missed

 I'm not sure if I'm more sensitive to ketones now, or it's just because I don't
have the insurance of long acting insulin.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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