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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

 Perhaps I did use the wrong word, and didn't mean to offend anyone. Based on
years of dealing unsuccessfully with weight issues, I believe the issue goes
beyond 'cheating'. I could have said that I ate many foods and followed up with
inadequate does of insulin. You are right in that you can eat a lot of foods
that are okay on the D scale, but if eaten too much, that's not good for a
person either - but it's easier for me to just call it 'cheating'. ;)

 A T1 who has the knowledge can dose appropriately. I had no such support when I
was on MDI. In retrospect, my endo and other health professionals, over 18 years
were sadly lacking as far as teaching me to count carbs and dose accordingly.
I'm sure others face inadequate support. I've come a long way in a short time
with a new endo. In a few short months my a1c has dropped to 8.3, from 12.3.


I'm sorry, I have a hard time with the term "cheating".  I never 
cheat.  I eat as I desire.  If I miscalculate, then I quickly and 
easily correct it.  I can eat very healthy foods and end up with an 
undesirable bg if I do not count or bolus correctly for it.
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