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[IP] A1c refetence diferentiation question...

Anybody have any idea on how different doctors determine what is a "good" or
what is an "Excellent" A1c number???

Last month, when I saw my normal doctor, he did an A1c test, came up with a
6.9, and said it was "GOOD" control...

This morning, I saw the CDE working with my Endo.  The equipment looked
IDENTICAL between my GMP & CDE/Endo equipment.

My "routine" doctor arrived at an A1c of 6.9 roughly a MONTH AGO.

My CDE (working with my Endo) said my A1c as-of TODAY was 6.2, with quoted
ADA "Goal" of "Below 6.5."

In a case like this, is there REALLY any way to determine who is more

My GPM said, based on his 6.9 result, that I should try to reduce HIGH BG

My Endo/CDE result said "I don't think we could recommend anything better
than what you are currently accomplishing."

With such differing opinions... How is one to determine what is the best
method of treatment???

Upon further checking, BOTH sources seem to be following DIFFERENT standards
of treatment and determination of treatment results.

My GMP doctor says anything below 7 is "Excellent."

My Endo says according to the ADA, anything between 6.0 & 6.5 is "Ideal

My GPM arrived at A1c of 6.9 just ONE MONTH AGO...

TODAY, my Endo's office said my A1c is 6.2.

I'm almost sure it's possible... With nearly 1 month between tests... Is it
REALLY possible that the A1c test results could be as much as 0.7 off from
each other???

And in such case...  If parent's or "close friends" want to compare...  How
do you determine either which source is correct?  Or what is needed to
improve control???

Jill, my CDE has told me "The way you are currently managing your condition,
I don't think we could give you any better input toward improvement than you
currently have...  See us for a follow-up in about 6-month's...  But if you
run into problems, feel free to contact us at any time."

>From past/current experience, I'd say if anybody within 60 miles of Dothan,
AL has Diabetes, contact the Southeast Alabama Medical Center, in Dothan,
AL, and request an appointment with Endochrinologist Steven Wise, or CDE
Jill Woodham.  Both seem able to view patients on an INDIVIDUAL level rather
than basing their BG control patterns on previously established medical
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