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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

Roselea wrote Friday, May 9, 2008 12:21:04 PM
>And even now she looks a me wistfully at 
>family dinners when she sees how much more 
>easily I am able to handle 
>what I eat (she is not on insulin).
>Note: YMMV.

 When I was on MDI, with horrible a1c's, I would also look wistfully at family
members, and often break down and have some of those potatoes, or whatever, so
as a T1, I can appreciate that feeling. But just as those of us with a pump can
sometimes cheat, and eat what we like, it's not always that easy because each of
us deal with the YMMV factor.

 But I also see what my husband goes through, and he's been struggling himself
with all of this. He's been my biggest supporter as I've had my own struggles in
the last few years. Now he has the 'privilege' of seeing this from the driver's
seat instead of the backseat, and the reality is somewhat different than the
perception. His perception was from that of someone who lived with someone who
dealt with this everyday. The public perception is often by a misguided or
simplistic media report.

 My husband admits that until very recently he thought that he understood what I
go through - on MDI and many unexplained highs and lows, food restrictions and
the like. The ironic part is that within months of getting the pump myself and
finding some flexibility again, he's now restricted by his own requirements, his
own unexplained highs, and some random lower numbers after high carb meals. So
now we're both back to eating 'like we should' (more or less). In some regards
it's easier to eat this way because we both need/should do this. He's still
learning, and has yet to see the endo, but it's been an eye opener for him. And
that's the case for someone who knew a lot about this to begin with.

 What the public doesn't see, in part because of the reports in the news, that
this disease is different for everyone. It's not just easy, prescribe a pill -
that and lose that weight, have some exercise, and you're good to go. That's
what the public wants to hear. However, for the most part, that's not the

 Unfortunately, the so-called medical professionals, support agencies and
insurance companies are often just as misinformed and/or misguided by inaccurate
or outdated information. It's not just the media. The misinformation out there
is running rampant.

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