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[IP] type I and type II discussion

Again, a type 2 NEVER turns into a type 1 and a type 1 never turns into a
type 2, but a type 1 CAN have type 2 signs and symptoms (obesity, insulin
resistance, ect).
One here on IP has said that a type 2 CAN end up type 1 with AUTOIMMUNE kill
off of the beta cells, but I honestly have never heard of that happening,
and have not seen a journal article on that (clinical diabetes [ADA
publication], JAMA [Journal of American Medical Association], NEJM [New
England Journal of Medicine]).

R. Leppanen


 It happened to me, and I have the tests to prove it. Happened to my brother,
and he has the tests to prove it. JAMA misses 'em every once and a while. :-)
Have a wonderful day.

Best, Margaret
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