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Re: [IP] A mixed bag: my take on MM CGMS

I should call them and talk to them, and maybe will during my planning period.

I stuck it out a lot longer.  Got mine back in July and when it works
it works very well, BUT

Insertation hurts.  Sorry, I have a severe needle phobia, and just
can't stand it.

Plus it ruins my skin.  Not only does the sensor irritate the skin
internally, but the receiver itself has cut into my skin.  I've
noticed if my skin is more irritated it is not as accurate and shuts
down faster.

Keeping up with the receiver, the cable, and the meter is a pain in
the ass.  I tend to go out of the house to fast some days, and when I
do, I leave one of those.  If I'm not doing the Dexcom, I have extra
meters stashed in stragetic places (along with other extra stuff).  If
the pump wasn't attached I might forget it too.

I actually dosed off of it for a time, and frankly, my control went
out the window.  It's not a good idea.  I actually pay less attention
to my control with the Dexcom on then off.

There is a couple of times when it was invaluable.  Last week when we
were testing students.  I am not sure what would have happened if the
Dexcom had not told me I'd gone low.  Same thing when I was on a
cruise ship (workshop).  Also on a driving trip this summer.

However, the cost isn't worth it right now.

If it were more accurate, if it were covered by insurance, and if it
were built into the pump, I might go for it.  Though I still have the
skin irritation issues.

Minor annoyance.  I've dropped it a few times and it can be impossible
to find.  Once in my suitcase while I was packing.  Several times it's
slipped out of my purse.

The label came off so it was now longer labeled a medical device --
which makes dropping it even more worrisome.
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