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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

At 11:57 AM 5/9/2008, Jamie wrote:
>Both T1/T2 diseases are serious, regardless of the origin. It is up to our
>doctors to determine the appropriate course of action and treatment 
>based on our
>own medical conditions and set of circumstances, and it is up to us to keep on
>top of things by testing, and working with our health teams.

If I may weigh in here for a brief moment.  I always felt that, as a 
juvenile diagnosed Type1, I was much better off than many older 
Type2s that I know.  Why?  Those Type2s go their whole life never 
having to worry about their lifestyle or what they ate.  Now, all of 
sudden, they are told they can have this and can't have that.  For 
me, I was used to eating a certain way from an early age.  So, it's 
almost a non-thought process for me.  Also, I feel that I have more 
freedom than those that are given just a diet to follow.  I can 
pretty much eat whatever I want as long as I count the carbs and 
bolus correctly.  My sister-in-law was diagnosed in her 50s and it 
was such a shock for her to change her lifestyle, be told she needed 
to lose x-amount of pounds.  And even now she looks a me wistfully at 
family dinners when she sees how much more easily I am able to handle 
what I eat (she is not on insulin).

Note: YMMV.

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