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Re: [IP] A mixed bag: my take on MM CGMS

I could've written this post verbatim. I returned my CGM last week.

I wore my Dexcom 7 for a little over three weeks. When my husband commented
to me at 1:30 am, "that thing has made your life a living hell" I realized
how right he was. I work hard for my aggressive control and I wouldn't have
it any other way. But I was working triple time to keep up with the damn

Like Cynthia, I was pricking my fingers even more to see how accurate the
CGM was (it was accurate around 70% of the time but when it was off, it was
off so far that it was ridiculous). What's the point if I can't dose based
on its numbers?

Alarms when it shouldn't, none when it should. Plus, the thing was just too
bulky to comfortably wear. I'd go for walks with my pump, my CGM, my iPhone,
my glucose tube, my meter and my iPod and just feel like a walking hardware

I explained all this to Dexcom and told them I'll wait until the technology
improves a bit and insurance is covering it. They replied that more
insurance companies are picking it up everyday, and that they are working on
the size of the receiver. Accuracy is another area they're supposedly always

I was able to sell my sensors at near cost, and got a full refund on the
receiver so the entire experiment cost me about $200. Definitely a love/hate


On 5/9/08 7:17 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> OK, I have been on CGMS for about 2 months now and I must say it is kind of
> a love hate relationship!  When the sensor is working well, this is a great
> tool.  When the sensor is not working well, it is almost hell.  Most of the
> time my sensors are marginal in their accuracy.  This requires me to
> manually check my BG more often than ever before...so, if I am having to do
> that, it kind of mitigates the use of CGMS.  My last sensor had some
> problems and it was recording my BG as over 400 for hours and it was not.
> It kept doing this for several days.  I finally turned off the high BG alarm
> and worked to see if I could get it to follow my meter readings.  The darned
> thing has kept me up for 3 nights. Finally I changed it this morning and the
> new sensor went in with no problem or bleeding.  Now, I just looked and I
> have a pool of blood sitting on top of the sensor.  Not sure, but that will
> probably mess things up for this one...we shall see.
> I find that I can't trust the information I am getting and so what is the
> point?  If I can't just look at my pump and trust that 101 is my BG, why use
> this thing?  I have had a few times when the sensor was spot on with my
> meter and then it was really nice...But, since I have trust issues with this
> system, I ended up sticking myself anyway just to make sure.  Again, what is
> the point?  I don't know, maybe it will get better but I am now spending
> more time "managing" my disease than ever before.  I have learned some
> things about what my BG levels do during the day and night, but I am putting
> a lot into getting that information.  Anyone else feel this way?  Maybe over
> time I will get better at this and eventually trust this thing.  regards,
> Cynthia
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