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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

My husband is the type 2 who isn't seeing an endo. Our personal doc is an
internal medicine doctor. She oversees his diabetic and general care. One of
the reasons we were told that he can't see an endo is because "you're in
such good control." Bunch of BS.

But like I said, our doc is great about prescribing what I ask for for him.
He takes Lantus at bed, has a prescription for Humalog for higher carb meals
or desserts (I still can't get him to kick dessert now and then), a generous
test strip allowance, etc. Overall, he is in good control but I attribute a
lot of that to our insistence that he receive it.

I've almost got him to consider a pump. I've even offered to let him test
drive mine but he's not quite there. We realize we'll likely purchase it out
of pocket but it's a financial priority and well worth the cost. Plus, I
could share supplies with him!


On 5/9/08 7:17 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Joy Insurance companies do separate treatment according to Type of Diabetes.
> From my insurance company contract:
> Coverage is limited to the continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery (CSII)
> in diabetics who meet the criteria listed below. Rental of the pump is
> covered for three months before the purchase of the pump is approved.
> 1. The pump must be ordered with concurrence of an endocrinologist.
> 2. A diagnosis of diabetes mellitus ( ICD-9 codes 250.01, 250.03)(These two
> codes are for  Type 1 Diabetes) requiring insulin for proper treatment.
> 3. Documentation of a history of completing a comprehensive diabetic
> education program and  compliance with multiple insulin injections where 3
> to 4 injections per day fail to  provide normoglycemic levels.
> 4. Member has demonstrated ability to self-monitor blood glucose levels >/
> 4x/day 
> So you see Type does matter.
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