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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

 If I may weigh in (as it were) on this subject. I do agree that it does seem to
matter whether you are dx as a T1 or T2 for insurance purposes, but let's put
that debate aside for a moment. What is the difference, for example, if you got
cancer due to exposure to asbestos or got cancer because it's in your family?
It's still cancer. Causes, treatments, impacts on quality of life and survival
rates may vary, but it is still cancer, and a life threatening disease.

 Both T1/T2 diseases are serious, regardless of the origin. It is up to our
doctors to determine the appropriate course of action and treatment based on our
own medical conditions and set of circumstances, and it is up to us to keep on
top of things by testing, and working with our health teams.

 Does it matter whether we are a chubby T1 (like myself dx at age 29) or a
skinny T2 (like my husband, dx at age 57)? Our treatments are different (so
far), but we both still need to watch what we eat, how we exercise, and how it
impacts any other conditions we might have on the go.

 It seems to me that there should be no status associated with this disease. I'm
sure we can all agree - undiagnosed and uncontrolled diabetes, whether T1 or T2,
can be deadly. Perhaps if one's pancreas makes no insulin at all, death might
occur in a shorter period of time, but if not well controlled, it can still be
just as debillitating.

 The media has jumped on the diabetes bandwagon, and through it's rather
simplistic articles about a very complex disease, has brought it down to its
lowest common denominator. That's what the public reads, and believes, about the
disease. And that's what we are faced with when we go out in the world, and have
to educate all those around us.

 It is not the public's job to understand this disease. That's like saying, the
public should just understand what it's like to have cancer. The public can
perhaps sympathize, but can it truly empathize and know what it's like, which is
probably not the case. I believe it's the same with diabetes.

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