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Re: [IP] A mixed bag: my take on MM CGMS

From: "Cynthia VanDenBerge" <email @ redacted> 

> OK, I have been on CGMS for about 2 months now and I must say it is kind of 
> a love hate relationship! When the sensor is working well, this is a great 
> tool. When the sensor is not working well, it is almost hell. Most of the 
> time my sensors are marginal in their accuracy.  

 I have had mine a little longer than you, but I seem to be having better luck -
maybe the luck of the draw, but I have also learned an incredible amount, both
from this site and others. If you look around enough, you should find a whole
bunch of good ideas. There's a Greek guy (Nikos?) who has posted an incredible
tip list for using the sensors, and his recommendations really helped me. Right
now, probably 60-70% of my sensor readings are within 10% of my finger pricks,
and 80-90% are within 20%. Just keep after it, and try not to obsess over it. I
know that's been half my problem.

Now, I just looked and I 
> have a pool of blood sitting on top of the sensor. Not sure, but that will 
> probably mess things up for this one...we shall see. 

 That's only happened to me once, and I was shocked to discover that it was one
of the most accurate sensors I've had.

> I find that I can't trust the information I am getting and so what is the 
> point? 

 To reiterate Felix - it is the trends you are looking for. I can't tell you how
many lows I've managed to dodge just by seeing that my SG has gone from 120-90
in about 15-20 minutes. Now if in reality, my BG wasn't 120, but instead 100, I
really saved my a** by getting something in me to prevent the hypo. I will be
eternally grateful for this thing. You really can't expect to get hard numbers
from it, but you don't need to. Use it as a tool to adjust according to the
trends. I've gotten to where I'll do a correction without testing my BG - I
usually just figure on half of what I would normally do for knowing my BG off my
meter. For example, my correction factor is 70, so if my sensor says I am at
170, I'll take a .5 u correction.

I don't know, maybe it will get better but I am now spending 
> more time "managing" my disease than ever before. I have learned some 
> things about what my BG levels do during the day and night, but I am putting 
> a lot into getting that information. 

 It does get frustrating, doesn't it? My ex-wife (who is also my best friend)
tells me that it seems I am compulsive over this whole thing. I told her I
noticed I've been washing my hands a lot lately ;-).

 Maybe over 
> time I will get better at this and eventually trust this thing. >

 I'll bet you will. I know I was ready to pitch the dern thing after about 2
months, and then I spent a LOT of time looking at my Carelink reports - and I
realized it was a lot more accurate than I was giving it credit for. Final note:
my insurance covers 90% of the cost, so I don't try to use a sensor more than a
week. It seems most people start having accuracy problems in the second week.

Good luck,

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07

> . 
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