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Re: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

It's fashionable to say that "type 1 is autoimmune" but they actually 
still do not know this to be completely true.
We need to remember that there are multiple causes of type 1 as well. 
There are several places along the insulin "production and distribution" 
line that can break. For instance studies on people with T1 who have 
died, showed that the pancreas was chock full of insulin but for some 
reason the mechanism that told it to release into the blood stream 
failed. So it's not always autoimmune. In laboratories when the 
scientists want to do tests on T1 rats  they create the T1 diabetes by 
poisoning the rats. Research is now showing that people use substances 
that cause diabetes. Tryptophan for one is now getting labeled as 
"causing diabetes". Even though it is perceived as a "harmless amino 
acid" too much of it without the substances that are used to metabolize 
it, does cause diabetes.  There are drugs that also cause diabetes too 
and they are now being labeled as such.

> Type 1 is AUTOIMMUNE, where your immune system for some reason recognizes
> your beta, delta, and alpha cells as FORIGEN, and kills them off, quickly
> and in some cases slowly (over months to years).
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