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[IP] Re: now t1 vs t2

For me personally, I want a correct diagnosis.  For the two big general
categories of diabetes, Type 1 (autoimmune) and Type 2 (insulin resistance),
they are different diseases with different genetics, causes, treatments, and
cures.  Misdiagnosis is malpractice.  For Type 1 autoimmune diabetes, a
c-peptide test and antibody testing (anti-glutamate decarboxylase (anti-GAD)
and islet cell antibody (ICA), etc.) are tools to use for correct diagnosis
[the Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus
states, "Although the specific etiologies of [Type 2] diabetes are not known,
autoimmune destruction of beta-cells does not occur."]  A big problem also is
that many people who acquire Type 1 as adults are misdiagnosed as having Type
2, based on age not etiology.  If you are an adult diagnosed with Type 2, but
have no risk factors and don't fit the typical Type 2 profile, it is important
to get a c-peptide test and antibody testing.  It does make a difference in
terms of treatment; all Type 1 should be put on exogenous insulin as soon as
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