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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

> When people notice my pump, I make it very clear that I've had the disease
> since age 4 (36 yrs), simply to dispel their bias against me. > .

I'll be 69 shortly and visited my endo the other day. His regular nurse was 
off and the sub was taking my vitals, etc. She asked what my insulin doses 
were. I said I use a pump. It IS written in my chart! She said, "Well, what 
are your doses; 6:00 a.m.?" I haven't eaten at 6:00 a.m. in eons. I started 
pulling up my TDDs to tell her those #s. She said, "OH! You have a pump!" 
Besides, I had just showed her my book's dust jacket on doc's bulletin board 
and said my pic is on the left (Miss America's pic is on the right since she 
wrote the foreword). I guess the nurse was just surprised this old lady had 
a pump.

Quite often they see us as naturally a T-2 not realizing we could have been 
dx'd as a kid and grew up (questionable as that is!). Maybe assuming all 
childhood DMers die before age 30 confirms we don't grow old. YMMV :-D

Oh, in our DM support group near the hospital, it is comprised of almost all 
T-2s and all sr. citizens. There may be 2 out of the 18-20 members who are 
significantly over weight. I know some people who are morbidly obese who do 
not have DM - it must not run in their genes. Diarrhea does, though. lol

Jan & Muskers- T-1  http://maxpages.com/bludasue  - 
http://maxpages.com/TSLandCLIP  - http://www.picturetrail.com/dmBASHpics 
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