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Re: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

> Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are two DIFFERENT diseases.. plain and simple.
> They are grouped together as one, due to the fact that they BOTH involve
> glucose metabolizem...
> Type 1 is AUTOIMMUNE, where your immune system for some reason recognizes
> your beta, delta, and alpha cells as FORIGEN, and kills them off, quickly
> and in some cases slowly (over months to years).
> Type 2 is genetics, obesity, sedendary lifestyle, and other factors but
> NEVER autoimmune.

That's a bit too simple and the point of the article.  The young boy
they described matched every sympthom of a Type 1, but isn't.  A very
old Type 2 drug does them just fine.  They are finding more of those
patients on a daily basis.

There are multiple causes of Type 2 diabetes.  Knowing exactly what
causes an individuals form of diabetes will help simplify the
treatment process.  For example, they have identified a group of
people who are white, seem to get diabetes in their 40s-50s and then
almost immediately died of cardiovascular disease.  I probably fit in
that sub group and if they can find out we do that, they can really
reduce medical costs.

And yes, insurance companies limit people already based on their
diagnosis.  For example, when I was on a Cignma HMO here in Dallas, I
was not allowed to go to an endo who was known to prescribe pumps.  My
current endo, for example, was not covered.  That was for both Type 1
and Type 2 patients.

And I have a friend who is diagnosed with Type 2, covered by a
government disability policy and she is covered for more than 3 test
strips a day.  However, my mother who is on an insurance from her
husband's retirement from the Air Force, is covered for 6 test strips
a day.
Go figure.
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