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[IP] A mixed bag: my take on MM CGMS

OK, I have been on CGMS for about 2 months now and I must say it is kind of
a love hate relationship!  When the sensor is working well, this is a great
tool.  When the sensor is not working well, it is almost hell.  Most of the
time my sensors are marginal in their accuracy.  This requires me to
manually check my BG more often than ever before...so, if I am having to do
that, it kind of mitigates the use of CGMS.  My last sensor had some
problems and it was recording my BG as over 400 for hours and it was not.
It kept doing this for several days.  I finally turned off the high BG alarm
and worked to see if I could get it to follow my meter readings.  The darned
thing has kept me up for 3 nights. Finally I changed it this morning and the
new sensor went in with no problem or bleeding.  Now, I just looked and I
have a pool of blood sitting on top of the sensor.  Not sure, but that will
probably mess things up for this one...we shall see.
I find that I can't trust the information I am getting and so what is the
point?  If I can't just look at my pump and trust that 101 is my BG, why use
this thing?  I have had a few times when the sensor was spot on with my
meter and then it was really nice...But, since I have trust issues with this
system, I ended up sticking myself anyway just to make sure.  Again, what is
the point?  I don't know, maybe it will get better but I am now spending
more time "managing" my disease than ever before.  I have learned some
things about what my BG levels do during the day and night, but I am putting
a lot into getting that information.  Anyone else feel this way?  Maybe over
time I will get better at this and eventually trust this thing.  regards,
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