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RE: [IP] now t1 vs t2


1) No one with diabetes can be downgraded or upgraded.  Type 1 and Type 2 
are different diseases and both need careful treatment. Neither one is any 
better or worse than the other.  (They're both pretty bad, in fact.)

2) Being overweight does not cause Type 2 diabetes; I suspect it's the 
other way around, actually. Being sedentary does not cause Type 2 diabetes 
either. It's a genetic disease.  If you have the genes you're going to get 
it, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is.

3) When people say that you caused your disease, respond with, "Why would 
you think that?"  And then let them know where their thinking is wrong.

4) You seem to think yourself that Type 2 is caused by 
obesity/overeating.  Maybe you should read up a bit.

At 01:56 AM 5/8/2008 -0400, you wrote:
 >I can see both sides, but as a t2, feel a little as though t1 peeps almost
 >don't want to be downgraded to t2. Now, I'm not "starting anything" please
 >don't take it that way. As I said I can see both sides, and wonder how
 >differently I would feel if I were a t1.....the grass is always greener yada
 >yada. I think I've been labeled t2 because I was never diagnosed until
 >adulthood, and not even young adulthood. And in fact, I was the one who
 >diagnosed myself and then had to prove it to my dr lol sheesh yup she was a
 >real winner. Regardless, once that diagnosis was confirmed, I started
 >looking back many many years and going oooooohhhh yyyeeeaaaahhhhhh and some
 >of those realizations were back to my young childhood and my childhood
 >lifestyle, as well as some things just not seeming rational.
 >As a type 2, many times well-meaning people, even politely, want to point
 >out that I "caused" my disease. Well sorry folks but it just ain't so. Now
 >there are probably people out there who just plain overate, whatever the
 >reason and wound up diabetics. This isn't to call them bad.......there but
 >for fortune.
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