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Re: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are two DIFFERENT diseases.. plain and simple.
They are grouped together as one, due to the fact that they BOTH involve
glucose metabolizem...

Type 1 is AUTOIMMUNE, where your immune system for some reason recognizes
your beta, delta, and alpha cells as FORIGEN, and kills them off, quickly
and in some cases slowly (over months to years).

Type 2 is genetics, obesity, sedendary lifestyle, and other factors but
NEVER autoimmune.

Type 1's REQUIRE insulin for life right off the bat (LADA can use oral
medications for a short period of time but eventually will require insulin
for life, after the rest of their beta cell function has been killed off by
the KILLER Tcells

Type 2's are mainly served with insulin resistance. Either they do not make
a correct formulation of insulin that their bodies need, their muscles do
not respond to the insulin; or their livers for some reason think that the
sugars are low and dump the stored glucose (glycogenisis). Type 2's WILL
eventually require insulin, once their beta cell function has been depleated
by the over production of insulin (the beta cells give up due to having to
make more and more insulin to try to keep sugars under control). Type 2's
can live on Diet/Exercize, Diet/Exercize/Orals, Diet/Exercize/Orals/Insulin
for many years, but eventually will require the use of insulin because your
beta cell function has completely pooped out due to over extending itself.

Again, a type 2 NEVER turns into a type 1 and a type 1 never turns into a
type 2, but a type 1 CAN have type 2 signs and symptoms (obesity, insulin
resistance, ect).
One here on IP has said that a type 2 CAN end up type 1 with AUTOIMMUNE kill
off of the beta cells, but I honestly have never heard of that happening,
and have not seen a journal article on that (clinical diabetes [ADA
publication], JAMA [Journal of American Medical Association], NEJM [New
England Journal of Medicine]).

R. Leppanen
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