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Re: [IP] wave sense?

<<Has anyone tried the wave sense meter? >>

The Key Note Wave Sense meter.
Not a bad little meter... not bad at all.
It has a little key (not so little) that you plug into the meter that codes
The strips are pretty good in size (1/4 inch across and about 2 inches in
length or so). And they are a firmer plastic than normal strips are made out
of. They are extreamly easy to handle but they only come in a vial of 25 (I
like the vials of 50), due to size. It has a HUGE number screen.
The size of the reading is about 10 sizes bigger than the Freestyle Flash.
.. the font I would say would be a 48 font, vs freestyles 18 font. I have
one (in bedroom), and have compaired it against my freestyle Flash,
Freestyle CozMonitor with levels, at the lab (now I need to persuade Legacy
Day Treatment to give me a bit of blood to compair meters due to not having
labs drawn at reg. doc's office [they refuse to torture me, hense the
port]). I saw it a consistant 2-4 +/- pts off from the freestyle meters,
which are a consistant 3-6 +/- off from labs.
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