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RE: [IP] now t1 vs t2

At 11:15 PM 5/8/2008, Felix Kasza \(lists\) wrote:
>I believe your endo is an optimist. Untreated, both DKA and NKHOC
>tend to rather dismal complications like brain oedema and the
>resultant massive brain damage, followed by death when the
>brainstem gets really fed up. Oh, and insulin also mediates the
>balance between sodium and potassium in the extracellular fluid --
>more insulin drives potassium into the cells. And the K+/Na+
>balance is, of course, part of what makes nerve cells work --
>including those regulating the heartbeat. And so on ....

Hi Felix,

I would probably reach DKA status long before the 48 hours, however, 
I know that you don't die instantly once you reach DKA, you can 
linger in a coma for awhile.  I think that's what my endo was 
referring to when he said, "48 hours".  I once asked the question 
back when I was on MDI and I had mistakenly forgotten to pack my 
insulin on a day trip (ooops!)  I realized it at dinnertime when I 
needed to take an injection for the meal, so all I ate was salad and 
protein, trying to delay any rise in bg until we could get home 
(about 3 hours away.)  At that time, I was not nearly as sensitive to 
ketones as I am now, I now begin to spill moderate ketones when my bg 
is over 200 (even slightly over) for more than 2 hours.  That's what 
I get for tight control.  ;)

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