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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

Judy wrote:  "Tell me WHY this matters?I sat out the last T1 & T2 discussion.
If your body is not making insulin whocares what the label is...."

It matters simply due to the bias and prejudice that the general population
places on diabetics.  The presumption is that we (diabetics) have not taken
care of ourselves and thus have caused our own problems.

When people notice my pump, I make it very clear that I've had the disease
since age 4 (36 yrs), simply to dispel their bias against me.  After that,
they usually begin to ask questions as their perception is that diabetes is
associated with older sedentary individuals (which I'm neither).  If that door
opens, I gladly take the time to explain all of the details I know about
diabetes, just so there's one less uneducated individual out there.

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