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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

Personally I felt like sh*t.  But I was diagnosed in a unique way.  By
the way I'm at least a 3rd generation diabetic, though my ancestors
before them never made it very long.

I had been seeing a doctor regularly for years, having semi-annual
fasting blood draws for lipids, etc.  Fasting blood sugar was always
in the 120-150 range, but was slowly creeping up.  Doctor thought I
might be having problems and not know it since I ate very healthy.  No
sugary drinks, fairly low carb, etc. since everyone in my family had
had cardio vascular problems in their 40-50's.

So he sent me off for a glucose tolerance test, and I flunked.  By
blood sugar was 600 by the end of the test.

This was a Friday, and the lab sent their stuff out.

On Monday morning, I got to school (I am a teacher), and after wanting
to snap the head off of everyone I passed in the hall, I figured I
should call the doctor.  At the same time, literally they were calling
me because they had a red flag fax from the lab.  Got a sub, headed
for the doctors.

He put me on Metforim which caused my new blood sugar meter to be a
random number generator.  Blood sugar came going up, so I was put on
insulin (my cousin, a PhD pharmacist who specializes in diabetics and
works at a VA hospital in her part time, suggested metforim + insulin,
but the doctor suggested insulin alone.

I went on the pump 6 months later because a) I'm a gadget girl b) I
still felt like crap and c) I kept gaining weight.
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