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RE: [IP] now t1 vs t2

I seldom chime in but this email compelled me to tell you that you are not
alone, Joy.

My type 2 diabetes is caused by Empty Sella Syndrome and too many years on
Growth Hormone (hypopituitarism).  Did I cause my own type 2 diabetes due to
lifestyle?...ummmm, no.  But, I look like a typical type 2 body style
because of the lack of a pituitary gland so people assume I'm diabetic
because I'm fat and lazy.  I've even had doctor's who don't understand Empty
Sella who can't see past my weight.

Because of severe gastritis that has been triggered by my gallbladder
removal 2 1/2 years ago, I can't take oral meds anymore.  So, my choice is
either to continue medication that my body can't process and develop more
stomach polyps or take insulin.  My endo and I chose insulin and in order
for me to get a pump my doctor is now calling me a type 1 since that's the
only way insurance will pay for a pump.

Now, I need insulin just like a type 1 does but I get a lot of remarks about
being a type 2 on a pump.  Why should that matter and why should my doctor
have to lie in order to provide me the same treatment as someone whose
disease is "more serious"?

I get tired of defending myself sometimes and usually just say I'm "insulin
dependent" and leave it at that when all these "types" start getting
discussed.  All that matters is that my body needs insulin and that should
be the end of the discussion.

Like Joy, I'm just trying to let people see that there are other reasons for
type 2 diabetes besides lifestyle choices!  

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<<<< Type 2s can have a hope they they can get off of insulin. 
Whereas type 1's aren't usually given that hope.>>>>
I certainly have no hope of ever getting off insulin. My dr saw to that when
she put me on actos, beat the hell out of my pancreas, drove my blood
pressure permanently sky high, and now I can take glipizide till its coming
out my ears, and see no improvement in glucose levels.  If you don't have
insulin, you don't have it. I'm sure no one means it this way, at least I
hope so, but I really almost feel that some T1 people are saying gee you T2s
have it made, you don't really need insulin, all you need to do is get your
life straightened out and you'll be fine without mdi. But poor me, the T1, I
have a REAL disease. Even my sister doesn't understand that I have a
legitimate medical issue here that requires treatment. I'm not going thru
all this so everyone will feel sorry for me, or whatever! I'm taking insulin
because I prefer not to die. Why is that so hard to understand.....even for
T1 people, who should know better!
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