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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

<<<< It matters to the person with the condition. Medical personnel  should
know the difference. If *we* have to, they have to.>>>>
Speak for yourself..it matters to me not in the least, and obviously not to
my dr either. And nobody HAS to do anything except die and pay taxes and
they can only make you do one of those. 
Let's say I went to my endo tomorrow and demanded to be tested for beta
cells. They find none. What does that tell you? Well, I still could be a T1,
or I still could be a T2, or I could just be stupid, because I just blew
both my and my ins. Co's. money on something that told me nothing
whatsoever. So here's the difference in the treatment since the test was
performed............oh, silly me, no difference whatsoever, imagine that. 
What matters to me is that I finally have a dr who will give me the proper
treatment, I'm under control and improving daily, and I have new hope for a
decent life for the next several decades. If you want to undertake a mission
to ensure the entire medical community you deal with is made aware of the
fact that you are not a lowly T2, but a REAL diabetic, go for it. I'm not
wasting my energy. I think the important thing is to take care of my
condition and live a good life. I heard a couple people on this list say We
are all in this together......I guess they failed to look around.
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