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[IP] Re: Symlin Over Time

 I have used Symlin since 2005. I started it because I am very sensitive to
carbs. To be able to eat a meal with carbs I had to have a lot of up front
insulin active to handle the carbs and the battle between insulin and carbs was
quite noticeable. Plus I might have a low afterward to correct.

 With Symlin (after I got it adjusted) I can eat carbs (think Subway sandwich
for example) starting the Symlin 10 units and the bolus just before I start to
eat. The Symlin holds back the carbs while the insulin gets active and the
insulin-carb battle is kept quite smooth and unnoticeable.

 Because I was not eating carbs at all, I increased rather than decreased the
amount of insulin for a meal with carbs, and that made sense to me. I did not
experience weight loss or appetite suppression at all, so these were never a
part of Symlin use for me.

 After over 2 years using Symlin, I find the effect for carbs is still the same.
I have just started using a Dexcom and am fascinated to watch the rise of the
meal and when it starts to come down, or sometimes even a level trend of the

Cozmo, Dexcom, Humalog, Symlin

>  I know we spent a long time talking about symlin two years ago on this list,
 > when it was first becoming available. But I'm wondering now about people who
  > have been continuously taking symlin for a while. The question is: has
  > else noticed that the lowering/stabilizing effect it has on blood sugars
>  the way it reduces insulin needs) sort of stops working as well over time?

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