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Re: [IP] now t1 vs t2

Hi Joy, I think that there are so many issues about this disease, no matter
if you are a type I or II.  I was diagnosed at 40 years old. Initially they
tried to control me with pills but they clearly had no effect so on
to insulin I went within a month.  Why I got it so late I don't know.  I
think my immune system is a bit messed up and that is the cause and I am
also Turner's XY which can be an underlying issue.  But, while type Is and
IIs have a lot in common, they have a lot of differences.  I think that the
current trend of TV making it seem like if you eat better and exercise you
will be great and cured is so misleading; no matter what type of diabetic
you are.  I have had people look at me and say "how can you be diabetic, you
aren't fat".  Now, how horrible and biased is that kind of statement!  There
is so much mis-information out there that I get really frustrated.  Even
within our own community!  I just have to keep trying to be an embassador
and educate whenever I can, even if it means saying the same thing over and
over (often to the same people <sigh>).  Cynthia

On 5/8/08, Joy L Wright <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> <<<< Type  1 is caused by an
> autoimmune reaction.   Type 2 is caused by insulin resistance (I think,
> actually, we don't know much about the cause of Type 2).  While many Type
> 2s may, over time, lose the ability to produce insulin, this does not make
> them Type 1s as their diabetes was not caused by an autoimmune
> reaction.>>>>
> I can see both sides, but as a t2, feel a little as though t1 peeps almost
> don't want to be downgraded to t2. Now, I'm not "starting anything" please
> don't take it that way. As I said I can see both sides, and wonder how
> differently I would feel if I were a t1.....the grass is always greener
> yada
> yada. I think I've been labeled t2 because I was never diagnosed until
> adulthood, and not even young adulthood. And in fact, I was the one who
> diagnosed myself and then had to prove it to my dr lol sheesh yup she was a
> real winner. Regardless, once that diagnosis was confirmed, I started
> looking back many many years and going oooooohhhh yyyeeeaaaahhhhhh and some
> of those realizations were back to my young childhood and my childhood
> lifestyle, as well as some things just not seeming rational.
> As a type 2, many times well-meaning people, even politely, want to point
> out that I "caused" my disease. Well sorry folks but it just ain't so. Now
> there are probably people out there who just plain overate, whatever the
> reason and wound up diabetics. This isn't to call them bad.......there but
> for fortune.
> I discussed this specific question with my new endo the other day. His
> opinion was 1)who cares what type you are, you are and now we need to
> control it....and 2) in my particular case I WAS type 2, but he felt it was
> a biochemical thing, as in, either I never produced enough insulin or was
> always insulin sensitive for some reason...which gradually gets worse and
> worse until poof beta cells gone doing nothing done like dinner.
> It's funny how sometimes when you don't actually research the facts, your
> idea of what is and the truth can be SOOO far apart. Well I've never been
> really a dieter, but I've eaten reasonably all my life, have always been
> very active, and was always ashamed of my weight. But my lifestyle,
> including diet and exercise, were never really conducive to being
> overweight
> or diabetic. The simple fact is, I've wasted a lifetime being ashamed
> because my pancreas doesn't work right. Am I type 1? Who knows. I
> don't.....and frankly at this point it doesn't matter, as the endo says, if
> the shoe fits.....you'll know what size to buy.
> When I was diagnosed, figured out how to "fix" things, I immediately
> obtained excellent control and had it for a good long while. I ate more
> than
> I ever had, and lost weight dramatically, so fast the dr said quit
> dieting......and I wasn't. Well, now I'm just starting to do that
> again.......only now I understand so much more, and now it won't be a
> problem again.
> One final point: in t1, say someone is diagnosed at age 7 or perhaps 11 or
> even 23. Who's to say they weren't young t2s? Do you always know for sure
> there is an autoimmune problem? I mean, there's no proof on me, must be
> millions more like me in the world? And with the so-called stigma of
> t2,....you get my point?.....joy
> .
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