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Re: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

No.  Type 2 does not progress to Type 1. The two diseases are 
differentiated by their aetiology (how they began). Type  1 is caused by an 
autoimmune reaction.   Type 2 is caused by insulin resistance (I think, 
actually, we don't know much about the cause of Type 2).  While many Type 
2s may, over time, lose the ability to produce insulin, this does not make 
them Type 1s as their diabetes was not caused by an autoimmune reaction.

At 06:41 PM 5/7/2008 -0400, you wrote:
 >On May 7, 2008, at 4:16 PM, John S Wilkinson wrote:
 >> Umm, then I would assume that you are now a Type 1 if your pancreas
 >> does not produce ANY insulin.  Don't know how long ago your C-
 >> peptide test was....Maybe you were honeymooning for 20+ years?
 >> (kidding about the honeymooning)
 >> People like me confuse the definitions. I have been type 2 for 26
 >> years my
 >> pancreas does not produce insulin anymore this was confirmed by a C-
 >> peptide
 >> test. I am an insulin dependant type 2 Diabetic. Under the present
 >> studies
 >> and reports I will remain insulin dependant for the rest of my
 >> life. Even
 >> bariatric surgery will not "CURE" my diabetes.
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