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Re: [IP] Port placement

<<Please, please don't wait today to become a pest at your doctor's office.
When my mom had her port-a-cath inserted the doctors told me there should be
absolutely no pain. Of course anytime you insert something into your body
I'd expect at least a little, but please don't suffer and try to wait it

I did ring the surgeon. He upped my Oxycodone 5mg tabs from 1-3 q 4h to 1-6
q 4h AND also told me to use my fentanyl lozenges (name brand Actiq) which
are 200mcg and to use 1 q 2 h prn.
Even though the pain is getting back under control, my sugars have NOT. I am
still running between 37 (my lowest) to HI (>500). So I am using alot of
insulin via pen (I use pen if sugars are over 250), and also drinking alot
of apple juice (easiest juice on my tummy right now).
I also found out today that I already have a infection in my 2 port
placement incissions (I am HIGH infection risk). So I have started a course
of IV clindamycin via port at home (hospitals are hot bed of infections, so
if and when I can do IV therapy at home, I do them at home with a IV nurse
coming to my home for the treatment).
(FYI.. the following are currently used for NON HA-MRSA infections:
vancomycin, smz/tmp [sulfa antibiotic aka Batrim or septra], linezolid,
tetracycline, and clindamycin).
I will let ya know if the sugar issues is due to the combonation of
infection, surgery and pain.

R. Leppanen
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