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Today is my 3 week anniversary of my first apptmt with the new endo. I just
realized this because I just received my "other checkbook"s and am
transferring data from old book to new. I decided to go back and start @
first apptmt with new endo so I can watch the progress. Then it dawned on me
just how much change I've seen.

When I started on 4/17, my levels were anywhere from 250 to 430s. I pretty
much counted on mdi for the rest of my life and felt like crap. 

In less than a week, I was seeing levels below 100 by evening, even with
still having problems with dawn phenomenon. Today I feel like I have pretty
good control, dealing with dp, and spent the better part of this morning on
the phone with endo office, ins. Co. and manufacturers, doing the beginning
legwork for getting my own pump soon. 

Out of the kindness of a listmembers heart THANKS JIM :o))) I have a retired
mm508 in my hot little hands, playing with it, learning from it A LOT
<bugging eyes out lol>, and starting to realize what things are more
important, what are less important, and what are less important even though
they may seem more important right now lol

Most importantly, I feel (only 3 weeks later AMAZING) that even though I
will have to control my diabetes for the rest of my life, it will no longer
control me and that's what it has been doing for a long time!!!

I think I should have made the SUBJ of the email...WHAT A DIFFERENCE A
DOCTOR MAKES!!  With the endo and you all for bouncing boards and advisors,
I'm going to survive after all, imagine that! :O)....joy
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