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[IP] Dupuytren

Cynthia VanDenBerge" <email @ redacted>
on Tue, 6 May 2008 21:16:20 wrote about
"One more disease: thanks diabetes"
She wrote:
"Well, went in today to schedule surgery for my 3rd (or maybe 4th)  
finger and lo and behold, my doctor told me that I have Dupuytren's
disease!  Well, I had never heard of this one.  Apparently it is a  
that causes thickening and a kind of "ropey" series of nerve bundles  
on the
palm and can eventually cause your hands to permanently clench  
together and
not completely straighten out.  Wow, i had not head of that one and am
feeling pretty devastated as I am a guitarist and have this vision of
limited time to be able to play my instrument.  I looked it up on trusty
WebMD and it says that diabetes can be a cause.  It also says that I  
may not
have any major issues with it. So far it is not causing any trouble  
but the
hand doctor told me that my surgery may aggravate it to become more
intense.  Have any of you heard of this disease?  Ronald Regan had  
it.  I
guess in his old age you could tell when he waved as his hand remained
somewhat clenched.  Kind of a bummer.  cynthia"

Don't Panic Cynthia. dupuytren's can be surgically fixed fairly  
At the first sign of difficulty get it fixed.  That will give you the  
best chance of
keeping the full use of all you fingers.  I waited too long and have  
95% use
of two fingers and 100% use of 4.  The other fingers did not get  
In addition to being somewhat related to diabetes it is also a disease  
people with Viking ancestors.  Good luck and keep on playing the guitar.

Floyd Shipman
email @ redacted
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