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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

People like me confuse the definitions. I have been type 2 for 26 years my
pancreas does not produce insulin anymore this was confirmed by a C-peptide
test. I am an insulin dependant type 2 Diabetic. Under the present studies
and reports I will remain insulin dependant for the rest of my life. Even
bariatric surgery will not "CURE" my diabetes.

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I know this is a controversial subject but actually diabetes is just the 
name of the symptom. (Which means having to pee all the time. ) Doctors 
will talk this way, for example if you take a drug that makes you pee 
all the time, a doctor might write on your chart "diabetes" because 
that's what it is when you have to pee all the time. You can , if you 
are a type 2, make the symptoms go away. The diseases have never really 
been named. It's just a shared symptom between two conditions. So it 
actually is very possible to "make diabetes go away"... The problem 
comes when the two conditions are confused.
I have also been very frustrated when medical staff didn't understand 
what these two basic conditions are.

Barbara Ziegler wrote:
 > I had yet another example of people who should know better not knowing
> The tech in my opthalmologist's office asked whether I was still diabetic.
> When I responded with incredulity, she said she thought some people got
> it.  Again, this was the OPTHALMOLOGY clinic!!
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