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RE: [IP] Question for Brad

> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 09:55:45 -0500
> From: "Doug - Insulin Pumpers" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: RE: [IP] Question for Brad
> Ive stayed out of this so far but have to reply now.
> I know that change is viewed negatively here, has been since I started
> reading a few years back.   You are entitled to run it as you see fit. Its
> your business after all.


Thanks for your spot on reply and observations.

 While insulin-pumpers.org is a business, it is a non-profit business which has
a higher degree of accountability than say a pizza shop. That is why IRS form
990's are public documents unlike other tax returns, and why there are several
non-profits which exist only to evaluate other non-profits and provide guidance
for donors. The rule of thumb of most evaluators is that at least 80% of
revenues should go to program services. The major diabetes charities meet these
guidelines. I leave it for each individual donor to decide whether this is
important, and whether a particular charity complies.

> This list - The main IP list - gets far less than 100 emails a day on
> average.  ...
> Im technically curious as to what the man years of automation accomplish
> that wouldn't be possible in a modern software/server package ?...

 I'm less technically savvy, but it is hard to see what is automated on the web
site that a talented teenager with coding experience couldn't replace with an up
to date system in a few hours. In fact, it would be even simpler to leave the
whole kludgey site completely intact, EXCEPT to change one link to a new BB
based forum. There would be minimal change, and some BB software is even
available for free, or at a reduced rate for non-profits. Anticipating the usual
barrage of low bandwidth objectors, who always just say no to graphics, java,
etc.: please note these are already used on the site:

 " Large banners may be gif's, jpeg's, animated gif's or flash files." (from the
corporate solicitation page)

> As I said - IP is a business - run it as you see fit.  But in my experience
> when you are soliciting donations, transparency and feedback should be
> expected.....

And as a donor, should be a minimum requirement

regards, David
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