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RE: [IP] medical office lack of knowledge

To take it one step further it is even unfair to T2. There are NO SIMPLE
solutions and these ad's create the impression that if you STILL have
diabetes you must not be taking care of yourself.

I firmly believe that a relative large percentage of T2 is not caused by
lifestyle. Although the ad's are geared to educate they are also a large
source of trouble.

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Oh, that one is "one for the books"!  I think that our brothers and
with type II are responsible..lol.  I must admit that all of the ads
type II tend to do us type I's a slight injustice because it causes the
general public to believe that all diabetics can be "cured" by eating
losing weight, exercising and taking some pill <sigh>.  If it was only
simple.  Cynthia

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> I had yet another example of people who should know better not knowing
> better.
> The tech in my opthalmologist's office asked whether I was still
> When I responded with incredulity, she said she thought some people
> over
> it.  Again, this was the OPTHALMOLOGY clinic!!
> Guess I'll just add this one to my list.
> Barbara Ziegler
> .
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