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[IP] double vision

Thanks for explanation with prisms.
I have had a prism in right lens about 43-45 yrs, every year or two, a 
stronger one was needed. When tired, seeing double is more pronounced. 
With one eye near sighted, one far sighted, had 20-20 through 20-30 
vision.  Less now, I am sure, but still do not have corrective lens on 
At about 18, I was told it was a muscle thing and I would eventually go 
cross-eyed.  I am still not cross-eyed.
I now have prisms in both lens and thank goodness, they are much thinner 
(newer techniques, I presume).  laser surgery could help, but, no 
I imagine that astigmatism is there, too. 
Blood sugars do not seem to affect condition.
 link  dxed Type II, l998
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