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RE: [IP] Question for Brad

Ive stayed out of this so far but have to reply now.

I know that change is viewed negatively here, has been since I started
reading a few years back.   You are entitled to run it as you see fit. Its
your business after all. 

This list - The main IP list - gets far less than 100 emails a day on
average.  Some days less than 10.  I host 4 forums on one server than get
more than 100 posts an hour at times, each.  So the volume would NOT be an
issue.  That single server also hosts about 15 mailing lists and 60 other
smaller sites both static and database based.  Server software is checked
for security issues every 10 minutes, checked for updates nightly and
backups of all the sql databases are done every night and server is backed
up once a week - all automatic.

Im technically curious as to what the man years of automation accomplish
that wouldn't be possible in a modern software/server package ?   I know
that there are a dozen or 2 or 3 volunteers that work regularly to help keep
things running.  The man years of automation plus the volunteers make it
sound like there is a TON of stuff that needs to be done on a regular basis
to keep this going.  Perhaps there are people here with some technical
knowledge that could help automate either future or current issues ?  

I offered some time back to help update the main web page - reorganize and
update some of the graphics.  My questions were viewed as negative input and
I realized I would be wasting my time since no one was interested in any
change so I stopped.  

As I said - IP is a business - run it as you see fit.  But in my experience
when you are soliciting donations, transparency and feedback should be
expected.  Many times people that contribute, become more engaged and then
often take on a sense of ownership.  Many sites embrace that, use it to
their advantage.  The sometimes harsh response to feedback here and lack of
transparency makes people and likely corporations cautious about sending in
support.   The Internet is full of spammers, scammers, troublemakers and
people that try to be something they are not - the smart ones among us are
careful and are cautious when evaluating statements made on the internet.
Sometimes people like to scratch the surface to see if the statements that
are made ring true.  

My $0.02 
Ill go back to mostly lurking every few days

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There are a couple of man years of work in the software automation 
behind the IP list and web site. The listserv and a (if there was a) 
replacement forum are the easy parts. At the moment I don't have 
another couple of man years available to completely re-write the 
automation to accommodate a switch to another format so this will 
have to do for the time being.

There are no forums I'm on that are as busy as this list. I believe 
all the same issues will/would come up. It is simply a matter of 
preference.... and as I said above, it is not a trivial matter to 
switch as it involves multiple integrated systems and a lot of 
software that runs well now and is "not broken". A major update is a 
big deal and the resources are not really available to undertake the 
task. Drop a couple of hundred K on it and that might be a different 
matter. As it is now, IP runs 50-75k below a resonable budget now and 
that has to be resolved before any major projects are undertaken.

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