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[IP] RE: Paradigm Silouette Infusion sets

Okay, I decided to try a different size of infusion set for my son (MM
Paradigm (MMT-377) 43" tubing, 17 mm needle and boy did I make a mistake.
Talk about dirty looks and basically told me what I could do with them.  So,
now I have many, many boxes of these sets and was wondering if anyone out
there might have the shorter needle, shorter tubing one's they'd care to swap
me for?  I did have him try the longer needle and he did me a favor but he
didn't push it in all the way and I'm concerned that it won't work as well.
But, the long tubing is a definite no-go!!!  I have thrown away too many old
tubings and now I have none.  I know there has been talk many, many times
about people wanting to know what to do with the tubings they aren't using.
If anyone has any of the shorter Paradigm Silouette tubing they don't know
what to do with please let me know.  Also, another alternative for me is to
find someone who might want the sets I have to get in touch with me and maybe
we could work something out.  You can reach me privately @
email @ redacted

Has anyone else had an issue with either themselves using the larger/longer
sets and eventually getting use to them or does anyone know why I might want
to push the issue for him to keep using them?  I don't know of the possible
benefits.  He's got enough meat on him that having to use the shorter ones
isn't an issue.  He just says he doesn't like pushing that much into him.  I
can't argue with him because I'm not the one having to do it...Thanks.

Ronda - mom to Aaron (age 15 - yikes), dx age 10.
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