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[IP] Port placement

Hi. I just had my port-a-cath placed yesterday (with a groshong cath, so no
heperin needed.. thank g-d with all the bs going on with it).
I have a question for any and all.
This is NOT a normal pain that I am undergoing. Never felt this kind of pain
before. Not even with my many major surgeries.
The port is in my Left clavical area (collar bone region).
Along with the pain, my sugars are way out of control. I am trying
everything that I can think of.
I will up basel rates by 0.05 u  and correct and I will go from mid 300's
down to mid 50's, and then will back basel off, treat (using the
hypomanager, which I normally do not use but set up yesterday shortly after
getting home from surgery) and go back to the 300 range. Any one deal with
that before? BG before surgery was 90, so I backed it off a bit more than my
normal 50%, backed it down to 40%. woke up with my pump taped to my belly
(it was in the gown's pocket).
I am not a very happy camper, with sugars being so drastically fluctuation,
and on such a small amt of insulin.

R. Leppanen
Cozmo 1800
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