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Re: [IP] Question for the group about choosing a pump....

Hi Suzanne,
I've been wearing an Animas 1200 for the past four years and I'm due to get
a new pump next month. I didn't even consider looking at the other brands
because I love mine so much.

The customer service has been stellar. You'll likely need a replacement pump
due to a glitch some day. I've never been without my pump in four years; on
the couple occasions I've needed a replacement, one was due to user error,
but they overnighted me a new one. The second replacement was simply a
rubber cover lifting, again a new pump with no loss of service.

One question would be how much insulin do you use each day? The amount will
probably decrease a bit as pumping usually results in less insulin needed
due to a better delivery method. If you don't use a lot, the 200 unit Animas
might be perfect for you. I know that some people require a larger, 300 unit

I like that the pump is so small, because I wear it in my bra. It's
compatible with any Luer lock infusion set, so you have plenty of options.
It's waterproof so you can keep it on while in the pool if you choose.
They've just introduced PINK and LIME green! (Obviously there are more
important specs but lime green is very exciting to me.)


> The rep from animas I have spoke to use to work for
 > minimed and is a diabetic. He of course loves the animas pump but he works
> them after all! I appreciate any input you guys could share about how you
> chose
> a pump and why you like the pump you have.
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