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Re: [IP] Question for the group about choosing a pump....


You should get the pump that you like best, as you will be the one using 
it.  Animas may be newer to the market than MiniMed but I don't think that 
should be a concern as both the company and their pumps have excellent 
track records.  I know many people who love their Animas pumps.

I use a MiniMed because that's the one I'm most comfortable with, but you 
will be the one using your pump.  Get the one YOU like best.


At 12:02 PM 5/6/2008 -0700, you wrote:
 > I am hoping I can get some feedback from the pumpers out there. I am 
about to
 >get a pump and I have narrowed it down to 2 pumps, the minimed paradigm 
522 or
 >the animas 2020. I am so torn with which way to go. I like the ease of 
use and
 >color screen of the animas but I know these are newer on the market than the
 >minmeds. All my friends who pump have the minimed so I have no one to talk to
 >about which way to go as they are biased towards the minimed. My insurance
 >company will not pay for me to get continuous glucose monitoring which is
 >one of
 >the pluses of getting the minimed verus the animas so that is not part of the
 >decision making process. The rep from animas I have spoke to use to work for
 >minimed and is a diabetic. He of course loves the animas pump but he 
works for
 >them after all! I appreciate any input you guys could share about how you 
 >a pump and why you like the pump you have.
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