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[IP] BG strategies for seasonal allergies

Hi all,

Well, I was nearly crying from frustration yesterday at work. I woke up - BGs
somewhat ok, ran a higher basal at night due to my allergy to alder pollen.
All morning, BGs were running 250+ in spite of running my "high" basal rate at
200%. And I was correcting with 1-3 units at a time, a lot for me.
I finally crashed in the afternoon (or at least got into the 80s). A similar
story today, slightly better due to cloudy weather.

This allergy season lasts for 2-3 weeks. What to do? I work outside, so
staying in is not really an option. Pray for rain?

Luckily, I have a sensor that allows me to do large corrections a bit more

Any strategies to calm the immune system and let it know that it's just

Any other strategies to control BGs during the allergy season?

t1 dxd April 05, pumping Nov 05, CGMS Nov 06

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