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Re: [IP] How Does Your Physician Write Your Insulin Prescriptions?

--- On Tue, 5/6/08, Marisa <email @ redacted> wrote:
> One would think, but some pharmacies like to make up their
> own rules. With 
> our old pharmacy, I used to run into problems getting my
> son's prescriptions 
> filled properly on a regular basis. "No one tests more
> than once a day!" I 
> would actually have to get the insurance company to call
> them and explain it 
> to them.

 That's what made me finally switch to mail order. I was getting 330
strips/month and one day I brought in a new prescription. When I picked it up
there were only 2 boxes of strips, not 3. The pharmacist claimed that's all
insurance would pay for (a lie, since I had been getting 300 all along). He said
they just changed the coverage - another lie. They don't change coverage in the
middle of our year. He claimed he called the insurance company and they said
only 200 were covered - another lie.

 I called the pharmacy benefits provider. The woman I spoke with told me there
was no limit on strips; that my prescription had NOT been denied; nobody from
the pharmacy had called. She said if it had been denied there would be a denial
in the system. There was none, and the pharmacist had just entered it as 200 on
his own. She said there would also be a record if he had called, and he hadn't.

 She told me to return to the pharmacy and tell them to call her (she gave me
her direct line) if they had any problems. She also told me to ask the
pharmacist who he spoke with (of course he wrote down the name, but somehow
misplaced his notes... yeah, right) and to get his name to report him.

 When I went back, the pharmacist was still being a total a**hole but he knew he
was caught in a lie, so he had to give me the third box of strips. I got a new
script after that and began getting everything mail order.

So, sometimes it is the pharmacist just being an idiot.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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