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[IP] Question for the group about choosing a pump....

Hello everyone!

 I am new to the site and the list and I am glad to have found such a great

 I am hoping I can get some feedback from the pumpers out there. I am about to
get a pump and I have narrowed it down to 2 pumps, the minimed paradigm 522 or
the animas 2020. I am so torn with which way to go. I like the ease of use and
color screen of the animas but I know these are newer on the market than the
minmeds. All my friends who pump have the minimed so I have no one to talk to
about which way to go as they are biased towards the minimed. My insurance
company will not pay for me to get continuous glucose monitoring which is one of
the pluses of getting the minimed verus the animas so that is not part of the
decision making process. The rep from animas I have spoke to use to work for
minimed and is a diabetic. He of course loves the animas pump but he works for
them after all! I appreciate any input you guys could share about how you chose
a pump and why you like the pump you have.

Confused in Georgia,


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