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Re: [IP] What is "Correction"?

Yeah I was beat after work.... My brains' tired <G>

On May 6, 2008, at 5:41 AM, Elizabeth Blake wrote:

> But he said the pump was recommending NO bolus, which means he still  
> had
> insulin on board (to cover a high BG), even though the Wizard came  
> up with that
> .5u number. The Wizard will always show what a correction *should*  
> be even when
> it recommends that you don't take any correction at all. I can  
> pretty much tell,
> based on my 2 hour number, if I should ignore the Wizard or not.  
> When the
> Wizard's suggested correction is exactly equal to my IOB (and that  
> happens all
> the time) I know I'll have to correct anyway, so I override the  
> Wizard and give
> myself (usually) 1/2 of the correction.
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