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Re: [IP] How Does Your Physician Write Your Insulin Prescriptions?

--- On Tue, 5/6/08, Chris notgiven <email @ redacted> wrote:
> How Does Your Physician Write Your Insulin Prescriptions?
> I was thinking of something like: >>      Use up to
> 80 units daily via
> insulin pump   >>> as directions for the
> prescription.  I would think
> directions as such would enable me to get 3 bottles of
> Humalog at one time
> per month instead of just two bottles per month.

 It used to be that my doctor could just write for the # of vials (or boxes of
pens/cartridges) per month and all was well. Then my insurance started asking
for specific doses to be on the prescription. I guess it's futile to wonder if
these insurance people know ANYTHING at all about diabetes?

 So, I told my PCP what my approximate daily dose was one time, she added a
little to it and wrote a script, also including "2 vials" in the instructions. I
went to the pharmacy, I got 1 vial. They said that 2 vials was more than a 30
day supply, but didn't care that 1 vial would be less than a 30 day supply. Then
they said I could get 2 vials but would have to pay 2 co-pays. I got my script
back and when I saw my CDE I had her write me a new one.

 My CDE really overwrote the prescription and I ended up with 3 vials a month. I
think she wrote it as "100 units sq with insulin pump 1X day" or something like
that. After the fight with the pharmacy (as well as a major fight about test
strips with the pharmacist) I switched to mail order. I ended up getting 9 vials
of insulin. I can really scrape by with 1 vial most months but prefer 2. 3 is
total overkill and I ended up stockpiling insulin. I haven't had my script
filled since last year sometime and I have 10 vials in the fridge. I can easily
wait until next year for a new prescription.

 Better to have too much than too little but I'm going to be asking my CDE to
write for only 2 vials next time.
Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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