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[IP] mongolian grill & GLASS CASE HOLDER

 *RE: Mongolian grill & GLASS CASE HOLDER

May 5, 2008

Hi Fellow Diabetics:

Forgive my short-term memory loss (due to a recent stroke) & my very poor
eye sight. I remember reading about Monogolian Grill and using aan eye glass
holder to hold monitor, strips, lancet device and small snack, etc. but
going thru the Digests again (Digests V10, #880 thru #884), I can't seem to
spot one of those posts????

I did find the Monogolian Grill one and would like to ask what was selected
to eat there??  We also have a Monogolian Grill in our area (Silverdale, WA)
and I love their chicken stir-fry with vegetables very much and it doesn't
hurt my blood sugars at all.  I sometimes put a couple slices of lamb in
with the chicken--yum.  Our has five meats to choose from plus lots of
different kinds of vegetables, crispy noodles and soft noodles, etc..  Is
that similar to the one you dined out last night???

I am really interested in the post that talked about using an eye glass case
to hold her/his monitor plus all the other stuff needed.  Could you please
tell me what kind of glucose monitor that was and where I can maybe order
one on-line (being I can't get out much any more).  You can email me direct
to: email @ redacted  If possible, please use a larger font than
usual, like size 18 or so.

God bless each and every one.

Marlene Kennedy
Type 1 (Juvenile) D for 51 years
63 yrs young--lol
Keyport, WA.
email @ redacted
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