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[IP] It's Dead Jim......

I went to change locations and refill my mm512 about an hour or two ago and
the darned thing
has bitten the dust. When trying to prime it would shoot insulin out and
never stop trying to prime.
 So I spoke to the tech support, and since it is out of warranty there is
not much they can do. The tech
did patch me through to a lady's voice mail that might be able to help, but
she won't be in until
tomorrow morning.

Here's the kicker.

I'm unable to work and going through the disability process. I'm blind in
one eye
(from Diabetes complications) have neuropathy in my lower legs and hands,
carpal tunnel ,
bad back from a bicycle accident and depression (who wouldn't have
depression with my medical history),
yet I've been turned down 3 times now. The last was a court hearing, in
which the vocational advisor told
the Judge that I couldn't do any kind of work,especially what I used to do.
The Judge ignored most
of the evidence and ruled against us. My Attorney has filed an appeal, but
that won't come back up
until the first part of next year.

If anyone has any suggestions, I sure could use them right now. I thought
maybe someone else has
been in my shoes and could tell me which path to take :)

Quondo Omni Flunkus Mortati

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