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Re: [IP] Question for Brad

Hi Michael - Are you talking to me? I wrote that email you responded to. 
I'd be happy to write up some stuff for you but I think you are the one 
who has all the content in your head -right? Are there more documents 
that I could use as a source to know what to write?

email @ redacted wrote:
>> I think what Brad was referring to was the organization of the site
>> and the use of old tools. I think Michael did a very good job with the
>> resources he had at the time.  I don't know if anyone was arguing
>> about the personal commitment that Michael has had over the years and
>> the hours and resources and his own energy that he's used to create
>> and maintain the site. I too have been very frustrated in the past at
>> the lack of standard navigation, organization  and a difficult search
>> function, etc.  I don't use the site unless I really really have to.
>> It's possible that if the site were updated... maybe foundations and
>> big companies would take it more seriously and want to contribute
>> money. I've seen that happen before.
>> The site is old and maybe Michael would be open to the idea of 
>> reorganizing it. I'm a web developer and it's sort of like if you were
> ahhh..... so!   would you be open to another development venture that 
> has to do with pumping??
> For some time I've been working to put together another site to give 
> away insulin pumps. Recently the legal issues have been addressed and 
> I have a document set that could be used to facilitate a pump 
> program. What I need is the content for the site. It must be 
> carefully generated to cover or perhaps... not step outside the legal 
> constraints. The problem is I'm not that great (horrible really) a 
> writer and I'm sort of stuck generating the content. Sara Smarty 
> Pants has volunteered to be our editor others that are real writers 
> will be happy to proof, etc.... but I must find someone to generate 
> content.
> I have the tools to easily generate multi-column paged stuff with 
> drop down tab menus, etc.... I just need to fill 'm up with stuff 
> like 
> What the site/program is about, requirements to participate, 
> documents, how to proceed, how to apply, etc.... imagine what would 
> be needed to medically, financially, need based, etc.. to fill this 
> web site.
> If you are interested I started work on it but have sort of given up 
> for the moment. See:
> Michael
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