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Re: [IP] What is "Correction"?

--- On Mon, 5/5/08, Marshall <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I should probably R.T.F.M. but how do you use the
> "Correction" number when you use the "Bolus
> Wizard"?
> Lets say your bg is 175 and you ate 0 and the
> correction reads .5 (I just made all those numbers
> up). 
> Does this mean to "Bolus" .5 even though the
> "Bolus
> Wizard" is not giving a bolus number to bolus?
> In sum, what is "Correction"?

 If the pump is showing a correction of .5 but recommends a zero bolus, it's
because it thinks you still have enough IOB (insulin on board) to cover the high
blood sugar, and if you took any more you'd end up going low. If you had entered
some carbs, the pump would have recommended a normal bolus (based on your
settings) to cover the carbs, but still won't add any extra for the correction.

 I use the Bolus Wizard as a guide. If I test 2 hours after eating and my BG is
higher than I'd like but the Wizard says my IOB will be enough to bring it down,
I might still bolus a little, often 1/2 of what the correction is (even though
the Wizard is saying not to take any of that correction).

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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