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Re: [IP] funny one

Hear, Hear, Sarah.

S. Falconer wrote:
>  so i am catching up, and what i find really really funny is that it is and
> always HAS been FREE to join and participate in IP...just like it is free to
> watch PBS and listen to NPR. If you are so moved, you CAN contribute and the
> organization (IP, NPR, PBS) is grateful.
 > Numerous times I have recommended Michael charge a couple of bucks a month,
 > $20 a year or something flat out, and he always insists that it should be
>  I am one of the fortunate ones who has broken bread with Michael and his
> amazing daughter Lilly, to whom we all owe our thanks for having had diabetes
 > (kinda a back handed compliment, sorry about that). Michael is NOT in this
> the money, I can assure you!
>  However, I do think Brad and the others can feel and think the way they do
 > without being sniped out as viciously as some of you have done. There are
> of economic pressures everywhere, and we all feel it and react to it in
> different ways. I thought Brad made some valid and constructive points, and
 > started out being very pragmatic - not attacking or mean at all and then you
> jumped on him (did anyone notice his unsubscribe email??).
>  There are some of us out there who can make more than simple financial
> contributions. Over the years (almost 11 of them) I have helped Michael draft
> solicitation letters and have offered editing services. Perhaps you can
> volunteer your time to help run the web site, or maybe you have a connection
 > that is looking for a good non profit to support. Maybe some one can look
> how we can arrange for e-scrip to participate - wouldn't it be cool if buying
> ben and jerrys and Oreos ended up as a contribution to IP??? if you have the
 > skills, maybe propose a redraft of the web site. It works perfectly fine, but
> IS cumbersome and could be easier to navigate and search.
> Sara Smarty Pants
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