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[IP] funny one

 so i am catching up, and what i find really really funny is that it is and
always HAS been FREE to join and participate in IP...just like it is free to
watch PBS and listen to NPR. If you are so moved, you CAN contribute and the
organization (IP, NPR, PBS) is grateful.

 Numerous times I have recommended Michael charge a couple of bucks a month, or
$20 a year or something flat out, and he always insists that it should be free.

 I am one of the fortunate ones who has broken bread with Michael and his
amazing daughter Lilly, to whom we all owe our thanks for having had diabetes
(kinda a back handed compliment, sorry about that). Michael is NOT in this for
the money, I can assure you!

 However, I do think Brad and the others can feel and think the way they do
without being sniped out as viciously as some of you have done. There are lots
of economic pressures everywhere, and we all feel it and react to it in
different ways. I thought Brad made some valid and constructive points, and
started out being very pragmatic - not attacking or mean at all and then you all
jumped on him (did anyone notice his unsubscribe email??).

 There are some of us out there who can make more than simple financial
contributions. Over the years (almost 11 of them) I have helped Michael draft
solicitation letters and have offered editing services. Perhaps you can
volunteer your time to help run the web site, or maybe you have a connection
that is looking for a good non profit to support. Maybe some one can look into
how we can arrange for e-scrip to participate - wouldn't it be cool if buying
ben and jerrys and Oreos ended up as a contribution to IP??? if you have the
skills, maybe propose a redraft of the web site. It works perfectly fine, but it
IS cumbersome and could be easier to navigate and search.

Sara Smarty Pants
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